About Company

About Company

Company Gibowski Sp. z o.o. is a stable, dynamically developing company specialized in the manufacturing and selling of grave candles. . From year to year the value of our revenues in both domestic and foreign markets is growing rapidly. We owe it to the highest effort of adding in the production process and the implementation of quality policy confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

We focus on the high quality level of our production by controlling the quality of semi-finished products and raw materials.

We cooperate with the biggest producers of glass containers and suppliers of highest quality paraffin from the whole Europe. We buy components for production only from trusted and proven suppliers. Our machine park has the most modern technological solutions. We also have our own production lines of plastic containers.

By automating the manufacturing process, the company has much lower manufacturing costs than competitors.

This allows us to offer our clients attractive prices.

Our offer is gradually increased by the new range of candles, and adapted to the individual needs of our clients. We specialize in supplying products to the modern distribution channels including the innovative, often customized packaging systems. We are open to realization of all, graphic and also packaging, projects that our clients suggest us. We make also author’s designs under private label.

We will be pleased to answer any questions and to make an offer for you.


Professional knowledge and many years of production experience help us to prepare an offer that meets the expectations of our regular and also new clients. Our company delivers the goods not only to the polish market, but also to the most European countries. For this reason our knowledge about grave candles market is very high.

We offer grave candles, lanters and refills in many sizes, designs, shapes and colors. Each market, including grave candle market has it owns trends, that we constantly follow. In the case of automatic production the choice of product shape is limited. Manual glass production gives us much more possibilities. Lanters produced in this way are characterized by an interesting design. It gives as also possibilities to produce glass containers with rainbow, arcoroc or frozen effect.

Not only designs change, but also sales channels. In the past, the most grave candles were sold at the florists and shops near cemeteries. Now the biggest sale is in supermarkets and discount stores. It allows to place in the market new designs and offer individual solutions for clients from many European country.

We create high class products. We use very high quality components that meet the necessary safety standards. Our products are subject to control at every production stage. It guarantees a high standard of our product. Modern technologies and our experience allow us get high quality at attractive prices.


Our mission is to provide customers grave candles in a variety of stylistic and price options, tailored to their esthetic and economic needs. To meet the expectations of our clients we prepare for them individual offers.