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Logistic park

Firma Gibowski Sp. o.o. offers also professional services of storage of goods.

The new built Class A warehouse is located in the central-western Poland, 45 km east of Poznań, the perfect combination for north-south routes (Gdańsk-Wrocław, DK No. 15) and east-west (Berlin-Moscow, a distance of about 1,5 km from the A2 motorway). We invite companies, which due to their limited storage space or due to their specific activities (increase storage needs associated with the seasonality of production / sales growth) are interested in renting a certain number of pallet places in an outside company.

Our warehouse system is based on modern management and control procedures adapted to customers' expectations and requirements of the market. We aim to create long-term partnerships with customers by providing professional services at the highest level. Our experienced employees ensure the correctness of reloads and packaging and storage processes.

Each client is treated by us as unique and special.
Entrusting us with the task of warehousing the goods, you gain a high quality service at reasonable prices.

Company Gibowski in addition to the main logistics services provides its customers a range of additional services:

completing the goods
labeling, wrapping, laminating goods
preparing promotional kits according to the customer
preparing packs and multipacks
returns` management
distribution of goods
deliveries to retail chains (food and non food)


Region: Poznan
Location: 62-300 Września, ul. Sikorskiego 46
Column grid (m / m): 12 x 26
Height (m): 12
Load capacity (t / m): 7.5
Heating: Yes
24 Hour Security: Yes
Monitoring: Yes
Fence Facility: Yes
Total area: 3,500 m2
Number of pallets: 8600
Manoeuvring area: Yes
Loadings: 3 loading docks + 1 gate of the zero level